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Technical Services
   ·  Designing and manufacturi¡­
   ·  Mould designing and manuf¡­
   ·  Producing of catheter tip¡­
   ·  Technical supports for pr¡­
Processing services
   ·  Tubing extrusion process
   ·  Disposable medical device¡­
   ·  Catheter tip forming proc¡­
About Us
 Foshan PuRuen seiko technology co., LTD is a Hi-Tech company founded in 2005, Located at industry developed area of Zhujiang Delta in China,Be absorbed in developing catheter tip forming/welding equipment¡¢special tools for medical devices manufactured¡¢technical service for production and research of medical devic...
   ·  At the medical science and tec¡­ (2015-4-5)
   ·  Catheter tip forming a new gen¡­ (2011-8-11)
   ·  Minimally invasive catheter ti¡­ (2011-8-11)
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